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About Us: Solar Power

Our Mission
Canadian Solar Direct (American Solar Direct Canada Inc.), was founded with a single vision—to bring affordable, reliable, clean energy solutions to homeowners.  

With our U.S. affiliate, we are a leading North American supplier of solar energy systems.  Our customers can take full advantage of solar incentives and help generate clean, green, energy to power North America.  We believe that solar energy, and in general consumer-generated energy, is the next natural evolution in energy generation and consumption - energy generated by the people, for the people. This kind of energy generation will unleash unprecedented innovation in technology and energy for generations to come. 

We are committed to our customers and to clean energy solutions — where our customers can feel confident that all of their requirements will be affordably and reliably met, from start to finish.

What we do
We are a full service solar provider, offering:  
  • Affordable purchase and lease options
  • A consultative sales process
  • Experienced design and installation
  • Expertise in solar project management
  • A superior customer service experience

Our Licenses
Where applicable, we hold appropriate licenses or other required documents in order to meet, or exceed, national, state, provincial or other municipal standards.  For example, we are an approved retailer and installer of solar power systems with the California Solar Initiative.  We are a licensed contractor with the Contractors State License Board of California; we hold C-10 (Electrical Contractor) and C-46 (Solar Contractor) licenses in the state of California. In the United States and Canada we also are active members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Our Clients
Our clients are consumers who are concerned about the rising cost of electricity, both in monetary and environmental terms. 
Our clients choose to go solar for a variety of reasons.  In California, our customers go solar to reduce the burden of high electricity bills, and to make a positive impact by choosing renewable energy sources.  They choose American Solar Direct Inc. for their solar powered solutions because of our expertise, as well the straight-forward experience that we offer, starting with our in-home analysis.  See our featured customers.

Our Future
We are dedicated to the work that we do.  We cooperate with local utilities, regulators, and other industry advocates across North America to create political environments where generating clean, renewable power is a priority.  We currently operate California and Ontario, Canada and are quickly expanding; if we aren’t in your state or province yet, we will be soon!